Gunne also known as Gundeath

Real name: Necrodaemon Terrorlokus (The real name you can get, if you come to our concerts - just ask me...)

Instrument: BC-Rich/Beast (she could break your neck,if you bang your head...)

Motto: Death-Metal is just... the way to live... ("The only true fullfilment in my life, I found on the path which lead through the darkness of my dreams." - by Graham Boland).

Best Koprom song: Isolated Education, Victimized, Armageddon rules...

Favorite bands: Hypocrisy, CC old & SFU, Death, Obituary, Dismal Euphony...

Best alcholic drinks: Beer (favorite SVRex03) or russian vodka.

Best nonalcholic drink: Nonalcoholic Beer with dip... (and sometimes water...).

What should woman wear: Suspenders... preferred frazzled, like guitar strings!

Interests: Running through dark forests with my dog playing guitar and considering to look nice. :-)