Moddin da Hellbass

Real name: Think about and you can guess...

Instrument: A red bass.

Motto: I am not playing an instrument -> I play THE bass. Furthermore I have no clue when it comes to music making but that can not stop me. I'll keep on anyway.

Best Koprom song: Song 1 (formally 5), Song 4 (formally 10) and Armageddon (this is our real hit).

Favorite bands: Thyrfing, Old Man's child, Finntroll, Kalmah, CoB... ähhh of Course: Death, Bolt Thrower, Carcass...

Best alcholic drinks: Beer (but NO Becks! maybe Staro..)

Best nonalcholic drink: Mhmm, is there anything else... ähmm: Beer! no, ahh damn it...

What should woman wear: Something filmy - but usually they know better for themselves.

Interests: Music especially metal! What a surprise.