History: Synopsis

During december 2k a drummer and a bassist started to fool around in some basement. To get little more serious they invited the brother of the drummer who played guitar. For a while they had nice sessions but in september 2001 the guitaris left the band and searched his luck in Japan. Fortunatly the one who should have been the vocalist since the beginning now actually got involved. The Bonus was that he knew a guy who wanted to play the guitar since long ago. So it happend that four people began to make actual metal...

Because two guitarist seemed better than one the first one recruited another. A guy who worked with him and fitted in quite well. So you could say in May 2002 these five people formed the actual band Koprom. In Sommer 2006 the drummer left Potsdam because of his work. But all these drummers seems to know each other and so he himself could provide an successor. Who by the way does a great job... so see you in concert folks.

History: Extensive version

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a town called Potsdam and there were nobleman and a king in his palace and he created lots of parks and other stuff that is not very important for this story...

So we go some hundred Years later (or maybe less... who knows?). Parks and estates are only interesting to tourists now, which infect the town like parasites. But thats not what you are reading this for. So lets get down to business. Circa December 2000 a drummer and a bassist met each other in that town and they started simply by making some sessions. Names are not important. What is important? The fact that they had fun doing it...

Actually the drummer tried to form some sort of band with some colleagues but that idee stranded because they had a lack of interest and enthusiasm. They simply didn't had what it takes. So they just didn't start at all. That was luck for the bassist so when he met the drummer they began to create some noise...

Chapter 2: Backup

Drums and bass, like you have to admit, are real cool instruments and requirement for Metal and other music. Hell, they even called a whole kind of music like that. But and that the two recognized pretty fast somethings were missing to shake the groundwork of music. So they needed some backup, some addition, something more. And were can you go first and normally always if you are in need. Family! The drummers brother was just meant to play the guitar so they invited him. The trio did some awesome sessions back then...

So do we have a happy ending? Are these three a new alliance? Is there a new band in town? Wanna know -> read the next chapter...

Chapter 3: The loss

Sadly but true, in september 2001 the guitarist went away to Japan. A journey for luck, work live and whatever. For those who don't know... Japan is FAR away! I mean really really really far. Not to mention it made music sessions impossible. Insider information told us that the guitarist still lives there and is happily married.

That leaves us to whish him luck in the far east and to hope that he don't abandon the metal. Don't be worried at this point. Luckily this story does not end here. There is hope! But therfore we go to the next chapter.

Chapter 4: New start

Now we hear about one of the drummers colleagues who wanted to join the never started band project we talked about in chapter one. Yes, he appeared on the screen and joined the band with great dedication. The band had a voice. To be precise, this one has always been part of the band but now he really started to get involved. And that was a good thing! As the only real native "Babelsberger" he knew them all... so after a short time he organized a new guitarist. A hell of a time started and these four played the metal as they liked. But this is by far not the end of this story. Something was still missing. Read about it in the next chapter.

Chapter 5: Completion

Some day the guitarist told the others about a colleague from work who liked to play the guitar too. And before you can say knife the band had a fifth member. So in Mai 2002 for the first time in history the band Koprom was complete. Or like many would say in that month the band was founded. Yeahh now this package of brutal death metal existed. So don't mess around just hear the sound.

Chapter 6: Changes

Summer 2006: the band has become a good working team since the creation in 2002. But their drummer had to leave Potsdam. Some work related issues brought him to the coast of the northern sea. So like his brother before he had to quit the band. A truely tragical loss that was weakened by finally making the first Koprom-Demo. Lucky for the remaining four a new drummer was found real quick. The antecessor himself found his own successor. And that new guy does a hell of a job. So luckily for you there will be more Koprom shit. See you at the next concert.

Spring 2008: after years of playing together André decided to leave the band. Since 2009, the additional guitar is played by Mario.